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Boards and Committees

Ordinance Review Committee:  The Ordinance Review Committee (ORC), at the request of the Selectboard, provides the Town with advice and recommendations on revisions, amendments and additions to the Town Ordinances.  Committee members provide an opportunity for public input on ordinances, create a process to encourage public participation, and provide peer review on ordinance work.  The committee meets the second and fourth Monday of each month from 5-7 pm.  Materials for each meeting are provided to committee members in advance of each meeting.  ORC meeting are working meetings, meaning the time is spent discussing and reviewing specific ordinances.  The Town Planner provides technical assistance and guidance to the ORC on all work assigned to the Committee.

FY 2014 Members: Larry Lomison, Karl Olson (Chair), Jackie Lowell, Al Cohen, Conrad Schilke, and Luis Serrano.

Planning Board:  The Wiscasset Planning Board is responsible for reviewing and approving development applications in accordance with the Town of Wiscasset Ordinances and Comprehensive Plan, including Site Plan Review and Subdivision Review. The Planning Board meets the second and fourth Monday of each month at 7pm. Materials and applications are provided to Board members in advance of each meeting. The Town Planner provides technical assistance and guidance to the Planning Board for all applications.

FY 2014 Members: Anthony Gatti, Peter McRae, Karl Olson, Jackie Lowell, Al Cohen, Stephen House (Chair), Lester Morse, and Debra Pooler. There is currently one vacancy on the Board.

Conservation Commission: The Conservation Commission works to protect, conserve and enhance the natural resources of the Wiscasset. The commission is responsible for conducting research and giving advice that will utilize, protect and plan for the Town’s natural resources and open spaces. The commission will coordinate its activities with Town boards, committees, municipal departments, the public, and other conservation bodies. The commission meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 6pm.

FY 2014 Members: Anne Leslie, Dan Sortwell, Neal Larrabee, and Larry Lomison.


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