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Members (and term expiration)

Pam Brackett (December 2024)

Raymond Soule (December 2025)

Ervin Deck (December 2025)

Steve Williams (December of 2026)

Mike Costigan (December 2024)


The Committee shall meet at least once a month to review general operations and conditions at the airport. The Committee shall annually present a recommended operational budget for the airport to the Selectmen and Budget Committee. The Committee shall from time to time make recommendations to the Selectmen regarding airport operations and conditions. The Committee shall assume any other duties as directed by the Selectmen. Membership The Wiscasset Airport Committee (hereafter referred to as the Committee) shall consist of five members who shall be Wiscasset citizens. Appointments to the Committee shall be made by the Selectmen.

Boards & Committees membership application: Boards & Committees application

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