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To Renew your Mooring Permit Application or your Commercial Fishing Application please visit:



Larry Hesseltine - 207-691-7006

Shellfish Warden:

Hunter Farrell -207-458-4624

Two deep water moorings available to the public and overnight docking to accommodate three boats.

Vessels anchoring in Wiscasset waters for more than 7 days must obtain a permit from the Harbormaster and will be limited to 14 days in a calendar year. 

Overnight Tie-up of recreational vessels (either to the float system or moorings), when permitted by the Harbormaster


Shellfish Information

All recreation and commercial shellfish Licenses can be purchased at the Wiscasset Town Office- 51 Bath Rd

Red Tide Hotline, 1-800-232-4733

Shellfish Sanitation Hotline Website

Shellfish Identification Website


Exploring Wiscasset- 

Exploring the Wiscasset Harbor- Guide


All Photos courtesy of Pamela Logan photography

Proposed Harbor Ordinance Changes Download
Pier Expansion Summary Download
Waterfront Pier Expansion Download
Accepted Mooring Installation and Inspection Providers Download
Worm/Shellfish Box Permit Application Download