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The Wiscasset Fire Department provides fire protection and safety for the citizens and visitors of the Town of Wiscasset. They also provide “Mutual Aid” support for our neighboring towns including Alna, Dresden, Edgecomb, Westport and Woolwich, just to name a few. The department is a “paid on call” department and has a roster of 25 members. Regular and advanced training is offered (and often mandatory) to all members. All members are trained in all aspects of fire suppression, vehicle extrication, water rescue and hazardous materials as well as the Incident Command System.

The department is led by a Fire Chief, who is elected annually by its membership, and is paid as a part-time employee of the Town.

Due to the volunteer nature of the service, one of the challenges of the department is providing adequate manpower during the 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. workday. However, the primary strength of the department rests solely with the dedication of the volunteers. Every call for service has been answered regardless of the time of day.

In 2015 the Wiscasset Fire Department responded to 138 calls and provided assistance to our outliying communities.

The fire station is located at the municipal building at 51 Bath Rd. in Wiscasset. The department also maintains a fire training facility which is equipped to train firefighters in controlled burn evolutions and incident training sessions. Vehicles and pieces of equipment housed at the fire station include:


  • Engine 6 – 2008 KME Predator Panther engine with 2000 GPM  / 1000 gallons
  • Engine 7 – 1993 Pierce Dash engine with 1250 GMP / 1000 gallons
  • Ladder 1 – 1989 Thibeault 75’ aerial ladder with 1250 GMP / 300 gallons
  • Rescue 1 – 1996 GMC / Rescue 1 medium duty rescue truck
  • Tank 4 – 1994 GMC / S&S tanker with 500 GPM / 1800 gallons
  • Brush 5 – 1993 GMC pickup with 250 skid tank for grass / brush fires
  • Rescue boat – 10ft. Kodiak inflatable rescue boat with 15 hp outboard motor

Fire Chief: T J Merry

To obtain a burn permit please visit



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