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To Renew your Mooring Permit Application or your Commercial Fishing Application please visit:



Larry Hesseltine - 207-691-7006

Shellfish Warden:

Jonathan Barnes,  -207-458-4624

Two deep water moorings available to the public and overnight docking to accommodate three boats.

Vessels anchoring in Wiscasset waters for more than 7 days must obtain a permit from the Harbormaster and will be limited to 14 days in a calendar year. 

Overnight Tie-up of recreational vessels (either to the float system or moorings), when permitted by the Harbormaster


Shellfish Information

All recreation and commercial shellfish Licenses can be purchased at the Wiscasset Town Office- 51 Bath Rd

Red Tide Hotline, 1-800-232-4733

Shellfish Sanitation Hotline Website

Shellfish Identification Website


Exploring Wiscasset- 

Exploring the Wiscasset Harbor- Guide


All Photos courtesy of Pamela Logan photography

Proposed Harbor Ordinance Changes Download
Pier Expansion Summary Download
Waterfront Pier Expansion Download
Accepted Mooring Installation and Inspection Providers Download
Mooring Registration Form Download
Worm/Shellfish Box Permit Application Download
Commercial Pier Application Download